Flaked again!

Hey guys. So, I know it’s been awhile since my post. I do apologize for that. I do have a reason, but not an excuse. In my eyes there is a difference. I enrolled in school once again, as if I did not already have enough “on my plate”. Anway, school is an absolute must for me. I am slowly, but surely, working toward my license as a Registered Nurse. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Also, having a degree will benefit my family tramendously.

So to recap all that I have going on, school, my girls homeschool, full time job, wife, mother, you get the idea. Do I have anyone out there who can relate? You may be asking, why bother with the blog?. Well, it is an outlet that is for only me. I can get on here and tell you guys all about everything, and maybe meet a few friends along the way.

Now that I have almost finished this semester, only a few weeks to go, I have gotten myself back in the swing of things. I’m not completely lost and off my rocker now.  I will be able to post more. Hope you guys join me. Also, I almost forgot to tell you, I have started couponing! Yay! It is like another job! However, it is so worth it! I was super excited to pay $0.55 for toilet paper last week! Sweet! Will be posting coupon tips later on. That’s all for now. Off to work. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading!


I totally flaked!

Hey guys. It has been awhile since I have nourished my little blog House of Dillard. I miss writing and of course reading the wonderful thoughts of everyone. Needless to say, I’m back with bells on.

Now on to the flaky part…..My last posts consisted of various DIY doll house furniture and decor. Yep,  I totally flaked out on all of it. It was fun for awhile, but then the whole thing began to get on my nerves. So….. For Jamelia’s birthday, I broke down and  bought a Barbie Dream house. Let me just say that I couldn’t be happier! My girls are happy, so I’m happy.

Now that I have that off my conscious, let’s update a bit, shall we?. We are still homeschooling, although we have changed things up a bit. I will go into more detail about that another day. We are also doing various crafts and projects. Several actually, but I can’t seem to finish one before starting another. Therefore, our house is a complete wreck, ALWAYS! Does anyone else have that problem? I would so love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by House of Dillard! Please feel free to comment or question!

♡Why We Homeschool ♡

Hey guys! It’s been on my heart for some time now to share with you my ideas regarding homeschool. While there are countless reasons why anyone may choose to homeschool, I will explain a little about some of my family’s reasoning behind our decision to do so.

It all started when our oldest daughter, Romia, was in first grade. Romia was diagnosed with a condition called Central Precocious Puberty. If you are not familiar with it, I will give you a few details. It is an endocrinology condition that causes children  (male or female) to grow at a faster rate than they should. This includes physical and sexual growth. You can read more here.


Due to this Central Precocious Puberty, Romia was taller than everyone in her class. We all know how kids are. Anyone “different” is someone to be made fun of and bully. Of course I do not blame the children. They only repeat what they see and hear. Needless to say, she was teased ALOT! I’m talking as soon as she would get in the car at pickup, the tears would flow! It was so bad, my husband and I met with her principal, teachers, and counselor. Nothing seemed to help.

Romia is a very intelligent young mind, but she was so emotionally overwhelmed, her grades began to decline. That was entirely unacceptable. We decided to give homeschool a try.

I will admit that I hated it! I was so stressed out trying to bring school home. I tried to take on the role of school teacher. I tried to make a schedule and tried to be all organized. All I actually did was set myself up for failure.

You know how it goes. You live and you learn. I read several blogs regarding homeschool. I finally realized that I was going about it all wrong. Every child learns and progresses differently. Romia gets bored easily. She needs to create and experience fun learning.  I decided to let her take the lead.

For a while, we didn’t worry about school. It didn’t take long for Romia to get started asking questions. Her need to learn had kicked in. Now we just sort of go with the flow. I purchased a really awesome workbook on Amazon that has all subjects except for Science and Social Studies. It has been our best friend. She enjoys doing the exercises. For Science, she has free reign. She looks up things of her interest, and we experiment. Most of these experiments call for every day products most have already on hand.
I am so thankful that I didn’t give up on homeschooling, because my girls are so happy. I encourage anyone who feels homeschool is right for their family to not give up. It’s trial and error. You just have to find out what interests your child. See what gets them interested. It may take a while, but it is definitely worth it. When they ask questions, it’s super easy to turn those questions into lessons.

Thanks for reading! If you feel homeschool is right for you and your family, be encouraged. Don’t over think it. It’s a reward in itself in the end.

Dollhouse Creations  (6)

Happy Monday everyone! Why am I beaming with excitement?! Well, it’s because Mondays are my Fridays, which means I have the next four days off from work to spend time with my hubbs and kiddos. I know on with the projects.

If you are just now joining me, my daughters and I have been working on a dollhouse. We are using a second hand bookshelf that I snagged for 10 bucks at a yardsale. We are, of course, working on furniture and accessories for this fabulous dollhouse as well.

Today I want to show you guys some diy wall decor that is so cute and super easy to make. These little babies cost almost nothing. We cut some colored popsicle sticks and hot glued the pieces together. Then we cut out small pieces of decorative duct tape and taped them on the popsicle sticks. We actually framed one of the decor pieces. Aren’t they just absolutely adorable?!

Next we have a wall mounted TV stand. This is also made from popsicle sticks. The “books” on the shelves are made from tiny bits of popsicle sticks glued together. The “pictures” are little pieces of paper we drew on with markers. The TV itself is actually a cigarette box covered in paper. I plan to find a cute picture of some sort and glue to the front to make the TV appear to be on.

I must say the wall decor is my favorite among these “mini projects”. They are so cute, easy, and best of all, cost only pennies! Thanks for visiting houseofdillard! We are almost finished with the dollhouse, so be sure to keep an eye out for “Dollhouse Creations  (Finished Project)” coming soon!

Dollhouse Creations  (5)

Hey guys! Welcome back! I apologize for the late post. I have been sick for the past week. Now, if you are joining us for the first time, my daughters  (10 &4) and I are converting a bookshelf into a dollhouse. We are having a blast with this project! So far we have created bunkbeds, a rug, dressers, stove, sink, and refrigerator. Now, let’s get on to the bathroom.

For the sink in the bathroom, I used the other half of clear plastic box that was used as a sink in the kitchen. It is simply hot-glued to the wall. Take a look.

On the same wall is the shower. It is made from a piece that came with a bead making set of some sort. It is hot-glued to floor and wall.

The toilet happens to be my favorite piece in our little bathroom. The back is actually a tic-tac box. The seat part of the toilet is a pill bottle lid. All is put together by hot-glue of course. Have I mentioned how much I am in love with my hot glue gun?! Well, I am in love with it for sure!

Thanks for visiting houseofdillard! Come back for my next post on dollhouse wall decor! Until next time….

Dollhouse Creations(4)

Welcome back! If you are just now joining, my girls and I are in the process of converting a bookshelf into a dollhouse. So far, we have made dressers, bunkbeds, and a rug.

Today our creative skills have changed course just a bit. We have used miscellaneous items and repurposed them to fit our needs. First, I want to show you guys our kitchen appliances.

The stove is made from a clear plastic box that push pins came in. We added an index card, cut to size, with burners and knob drawn on with a black marker. We hot glued it to the wall.

The sink is the top part of a small plastic container that once held ear plugs. I hot glued it to the wall and to the side of the stove. I also propped the unattached corner with a popsicle stick, cut to size, and hot glued it as well.

Next, I will show you the refrigerator. It one severe as a container for various small sized screws. My girls are especially excited about the fridge. Not only does it have tiny compartments, but it opens and closes as well. It is, of course, hot glued to the wall also.

That’s my smallest helper “behind the scenes”. Now, you obviously do not have to glue your appliances down. I chose to do so in order to keep them close and not lose them. I know my kids, and they would absolutely lose their head if it wasn’t attached to the rest of their body.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading! Be sure to check us out next time, when we show you how we created our bathroom!

Dollhouse Creations(3)

Hey guys! Welcome back as we continue on with our diy dollhouse decor. So far, we have made bunk beds and pom pom rugs. Today, we are making dressers for the bedrooms. I found these cute little dressers at Dollar Tree that were perfect for this project.

They are plain wood, and the possibilities are endless. I chose to decorate them to match the bunk beds we already made.  I used decorative duct tape.  Then I outlined them with permanent marker. Take a look.

Sooooo cute, right? As always, thanks for reading! More diy dollhouse creations coming soon!

Dollhouse Creations(2)

As I stated in my previous post, my girls and I have began a super cool project of converting a bookshelf into a dollhouse. While I have been working on the dollhouse itself, more on that later, the girls insisted on beginning the furniture and accessories.

With every dollhouse, bunk beds are a must! They might look difficult to create, but actually they are quite simple and fun to make. All you need is some colored popsicle sticks, hot glue gun, decorative duct tape (or washi tape), and furry pom poms. Check it out!

First, you want to do is create your mattress. Lay popsicle sticks down & line them up. I used 5 sticks for a twin sized bed. Then cut more popsicle sticks to lay crossways of the rest. I used 2. Now hot glue them.

Bottom side

Top side

Next, cover “mattress” with decorative duct tape(or washi tape).

Now, we are ready to put the bunk bed together. I used 2 popsicle sticks for each corner for better stability.

Do this for each side. Last, hot glue pom poms on one end for pillows.

This is how we made our dollhouse bunk beds. To make a regular bed, you can use the same instructions. Just trim down the popsicle sticks to size.

As always, thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my next post on DIY dollhouse decor! Coming soon!

Dollhouse Creations(1)

Hey guys! Sorry for the post delay! I do work weekend nights(12hr shifts), so today is my Friday. Enough about that. No one, including myself, is interested in hearing about my tired self. Now, on to the good stuff!

Normally I wouldn’t be doing alot today, especially working on a project. However, my daughters (ages 10 &4) and I have an awesome project that we could not wait to get started on. We are going to turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse. If you are addicted to Pinterest, such as myself, you’ve probably seen a thousand tutorials on how to repurpose old furniture into a dollhouse or other neat pretend play projects.

Now I will be the first to tell you, many of the general ideas for our dollhouse project were influenced by post from Pinterest. However, we took countless ideas and tweaked them to our liking.

Since this is kind of a large project for us, our process must be divided between different posts. Today I will be sharing our diy carpet/rug, as well as how to create it.


Materials Needed

  • 1 piece cardstock
  • Fuzzy pom poms
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors 


  • Cut cardstock to desired shape & size.
  • Place a dot of hot glue onto cardstock. 
  • Press 1 pom pom onto glue. (Careful! It is HOT glue!)
  • Repeat 2nd & 3rd steps until cardstock is completely covered. 
  • Viola! Awesome rug! 
  • Upgrade to “room size” for use as full carpet piece. 

You can also flip rug over & carefully trim cardstock until none shows when rug is right side up.

This kinda makes me want a huge pom pom carpet for my bedroom. Of course, the colors would most definitely be purple and black.

Alright guys. As always, thanks for reading! Be on the lookout for my next post. I will be showing off beds and bunk beds!

House of Dillard: The Beginning 

House of Dillard has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I have gone back and forth with myself on just exactly what to do with the name. I know. I seem to be doing things a bit backwards. I mean, who picks the name of their business, website, ect. before they actually have at least an idea of what they want to do? Well, apparently I do just that. I’m always doing things different than everyone else.

Anyway, I only recently come to the decision to use “House of Dillard” for the name of my blog. I am so absolutely new to this thing called blogging. I looked into several websites or webhosts, or whatever it is called, before landing here on WordPress. I am so not good at this techy stuff! I just want to write! Then that’s my next delima!

Seriously, I have such a big mouth and so much to talk about! Where do I begin? A few of the topics myself and countless others have a great interest in are diy projects, homeschooling, obesity, and weight loss. How do I choose? Well, I have decided that I am not going to choose one particular subject to discuss! I am just going to write. I hope you guys continue to read. Maybe we will end up with a super awesome eclectic blog! 

See you guys on my next post! Thanks for reading!